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Some of custom features we have produced include (but are not limited to):

  • Custom Sizes
  • Printing both sides
  • Extra Colors
  • Colored Padding
  • Round Corners
  • Custom Sheets Per Pad

*Orders are subject to review and may not always be approved.

Customize Your Notepad
  • Custom Notepads

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    $100 & 100 pad minimum for all custom orders.

  • 1 Is this a new order
  • 2Size of Pads
  • 3Quantity of Pads (Min. 100)
    Minimum of 100 pads required. Must be entered as a number (ie. 1000).
  • 4Sheets per Pad
  • 5 Print Bleed?
    Does the printing touch the edge of the page? Note, if bleed is required, your pads will be trimmed to a slightly smaller size.
  • 6 Ink Colors
    Enter your ink colors. Our normal ink colors are provided below for reference, or you can enter your desired custom ink colors.
  • Primary Ink Color
  • Secondary Ink Color
  • Standard Ink Colors

    Standard Ink Color: Black


    Standard Ink Color: Red

    PMS 199

    Standard Ink Color: Green

    PMS 347

    Standard Ink Color: Reflex Blue


    Standard Ink Color: Gray

    PMS 424

    Premium Ink Colors

    Premium Ink Color: Brown

    PMS 168

    Premium Ink Color: Orange

    PMS 172

    Premium Ink Color: Forest Green

    PMS 350

    Premium Ink Color: Burgundy

    PMS 188

    Premium Ink Color: Purple

    PMS 249

    Premium Ink Color: Yellow

    PMS 137

    Premium Ink Color: Blue

    PMS 285

  • 7 Paper Color
    Enter your paper color. Our normal paper colors are provided below for reference, or you can enter your desired custom paper type.
  • Paper Color: White


    Paper Color: Cream


    Paper Color: Ivory


    Paper Color: Gray


    Paper Color: Blue


    Paper Color: Green


    Paper Color: Canary


    Paper Color: Goldenrod


    Paper Color: Pink


  • 8 File Upload Select a file smaller than 5mb.
    Acceptable file types: pdf,gif,jpg,jpeg,png,eps,tif,tiff,svg.
    Maximum file size: 5mb.
  • 9 Custom Request or Questions in regards to this order:
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"I got the Notepads today and they LOOK GREAT! Thank you for a wonderful job and a speedy delivery, it is MUCH appreciated and look forward to seeing future business from me for all the my clients! Thanks again!" ~ Paul
"I just wanted to tell you that our notepads looked great!! Thank you so much!" ~ Ann D.
"I received the pads on Saturday. I love them! Thanks for doing such a great job!" ~ Patsy, Tennessee
"Got the pocket pads today they are super, Thanks" ~ Kelly, Arizona
"They arrived today. They're great! Thanks for the personal service." ~ Fred
"Oh thank you so much! I really appreciate the great service and promptness you have me. I will be in touch for other jobs we need done. Thanks again and have a great weekend!!" ~ Kathy


NotepadExpress Customized Notepads and Pocket Pads are inexpensive marketing tools that position your logo and business name in front of your customer and provide a powerful branding message.

Pocket Pads are perfect for customer giveaways, business meetings, and to-do lists. They feature a full color printed cover to promote your business or organization. Check out our Pocket Pads now.

Custom Notepads can fill a variety of needs including simple reminder notes, custom order forms, sketch pads, memo pads, and more! View our product selection on the Home page.

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We pride ourselves on providing high quality custom notepads. Featuring one or two color printing, 15 to 50 sheets of 20lb paper per pad. Our pads are made from 100% sustainable, SFI Certified fibers and are assembled with a glued-edge binding with chipboard backing, unless otherwise noted. Colored paper and a variety of ink colors are available to further customize your look.

Fast Delivery, and we always ship a full count of pads!

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We offer more than just basic notepads. Common requests include:

Tight delivery deadline
Special Shipping
Three hole drill
Heavy Chip Board
Special Sheet Counts
Custom Size
Graphic Design

Please contact us to discuss your special requirements. We're here to help!